Wireless communication – stay in touch wherever you go

by | Jul 12, 2010 | Telecommunications


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wireless-telecommunications1Transfer of information or data over long distance without using enhanced electrical wires or conductors is known as wireless communication. The distances involved in wireless communication can be long (thousands of kilometres for radio communication) or short (a few meters away, just like television remote control).

Generally, wireless communication is regarded as a branch of telecommunications. It includes different types of mobile, fixed and portable 2-way radios, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cellular and wireless networking. GPS units, wireless computer keyboard, mouse and headsets, cordless phones and satellite television are other examples of wireless technology.

Any means of electronic data transfer with the help of electromagnetic means is also known as wireless telecommunications. Often, the data transferred is in the form of digital data, which also includes voice transmission. Majority of wireless telecommunications works through a base station. The base station receives information both from wireless sources like radio waves and from fixed lines. Once the signals are received by the base station, it then converts them into other type of mediums.

Situations that justify the use of wireless communication technology:

  • To offer a backup communication link in case the normal network fails
  • To remotely connect mobile networks or users
  • Link temporary or portable workstations
  • To span a distance away from the capabilities of typical cabling
  • Overcome circumstances where usual cabling is financially impractical or difficult

Wireless communications can be sent via:

  • Microwave communication, for instance short range communications or long range communication via highly directional antennas
  • Radio frequency communication
  • Infrared (IR) communication for short range

Although wireless communication has been around since quite a long time, it has recently begun to dominate the marketplace, particularly with personal phone calls. The use of wireless communication devices like cell phones enables the user to carry the phone anywhere they want.