Finding the Perfect Low Voltage Lighting System in Kern County, California

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Telecommunications


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The benefit of a low voltage system is that it runs on stepped-down voltage from the standard 120 volts in a normal household electrical system to 12 volts. This means the risk is reduced from potential electrical arcs over open spaces to a direct shock. Overall, this is a much safer system for lighting outdoors or in small spaces in a home.

How It Works

The power step-down starts at the transformer, which either installs somewhere in the home or building or simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Wiring extends to whatever item you’re powering – whether it’s a computer network or outdoor lighting – via low-voltage wiring, typically 12 to 16-gauge copper wire that’s often all-weather protected. Low voltage wiring in Kern County is easy to find.

Types of Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage systems often power outdoor lighting. There are several types of lighting fixtures. You can review many types of low voltage lighting in Kern County also.

Fixture types include:

• Yard lamps

• Path lights

• Spot lamps

• Tree lighting

• Flood lamps

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