Types of Truck Driving Jobs in Pennsylvania

by | Sep 24, 2015 | logistics


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Truck driving jobs in Pennsylvania can be rewarding for those who prefer a work environment that is stimulating and often different from day to day. The right provider of trucking solutions can help you choose the perfect job opportunity as well as benefit from professional training. Various types of driving opportunities are available, all with their own unique benefits.

Short Haul
Short-haul truck driving jobs in Pennsylvania offer several core benefits. For instance, you can go on shorter trips, which means you spend more time at home. This makes this type of trucking perfect for people with families and young kids whom they would like to see often. Also, since you will typically be responsible for taking limited-distance routes in the same local area, you can become familiar with your local area and the main interstates there. This makes your daily navigation easy. You may additionally return to the same clients, which will help you build relationships and enjoy the camaraderie.

Being a regional truck driver is an excellent option if you are looking for predictable and stable home time as well. As a regional driver, you can take advantage of predictable schedules and lanes, and you can expect to be home every weekend while being on the road during the weekdays. Regional routes generally cover an area 1,000 miles from a truck driver’s home, and your freight may vary from one day to the next, which can keep your job interesting. Pay is generally comparable to that of over-the-road truck driving opportunities.

Over the Road
Over-the-road trucking jobs are perfect for those who enjoy the open road and embrace opportunities to explore the country. Seeing other parts of the country can help people to expand their ways of thinking and add to their quality of life long term. Over-the-road driving jobs are known for being some of the best-paying trucking opportunities available today, and they provide plenty of autonomy for those who enjoy working independently. A reputable provider of trucking jobs can help you select the type of driving opportunity that best suits your wishes and lifestyle.

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