Living And Studying In London Ontario

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Business


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London Ontario is known to its residents as “The Forest City”; it lives up to the name by constantly planting and caring for the hundreds of thousands of trees with the city limits. London is located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, along the corridor that runs from Quebec City all the way through to Windsor. Although London is the 11th largest city in Canada with a population of about half a million people it has not lost its charm. London is the ideal choice for higher education, being the home of Western University and its array of affiliate colleges including the Ivey Business School which is recognizes as Canada’s preeminent business school.

Fanshaw College of Applied Arts and Technology is also located in London, the college offers degree and diploma courses for over 40,000 students every year. With the large number of students in the city it is no wonder that there are many conveniently located student apartment rentals in London Ontario.

London is a very welcoming community and culturally diverse. The city has a wealth of quality options for housing, including apartment rentals in London Ontario which are ideal for the student population. Student apartments are all located in areas of the city that are important to university life.

London offers wide variety of entertainment and recreational options for residents of the city as well as the student population. If you simply want to “chill out,” London is the place to do it as it has many pristine parks located throughout the city, for those who wish to exercise or indeed, commute back and forth between their apartment and the campus, biking is safe and pleasant.

Part of a well balanced environment is offering residents an opportunity to enjoy the arts. London supports numerous arts projects which are uniquely focused on providing Londoners’ a high quality of life. London does not come up short with sports teams either; London is the home city of basketball, baseball and hockey teams, all of a very high caliber.

Canada is a diverse country where both English and French are used equally. London hosts Collège Boréal which offers post secondary programs in the French language; it also has an orientation center to help immigrants who speak French as their first language find footing in the city.

With a major university and one of the largest applied arts and technology colleges in the country there is little doubt why there are so many high quality and affordable student apartment rentals in London Ontario.

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