4G – The future of modern mobile services

by | Jul 12, 2010 | Wireless Services


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mobile-services1Gone are the days when mobile phones were used solely for calling up people and sending text messages. Several new features have been added to the mobile phones over the years. Such features have both enthralled and benefited the cell phone users immensely. However, nothing can compare the technological miracle in the field of mobile industry popularly known as 4G.

4G wireless Mobile services

The 4G can be described as the fourth generation of the mobile phones or cell phones. This wireless service has now been introduced in select metropolitan cities. However, you can expect a wide-scale expansion in the next year. Experts suggest that this particular service is going to revolutionise and transform the world of mobile communications.

What are the features of 4G?

A technological delight is in store for all the cell phone users. 4G offers an extensive support for a vast number of services and applications. This wireless service supports multicast and broadcast services along with other applications related to them. For instance, users can use multiple services such as internet access and gaming services. In addition, 4G mobile service is equipped with the HDTV service as well. 4G also allows connectivity with digital video broadcasting system. Another feature of 4G that can benefit business customers is network detection and selection capability. This particular feature can help customers to use multiple networks simultaneously. They can also select the best parameters to fulfill their requirements in terms of QoS or other parameters.

In addition, 4G will allow users to make use of total service continuity via seamless transfer from one network to another. Therefore, users can use the ‘always connected option.’

However, 4G technologies are yet to be launched on a large scale. One thing is certain that the already existing technologies will soon make way for this technological miracle.