How the advanced cell towers work?

by | Jul 12, 2010 | Wireless Services


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cell-towers1Cell towers are large steel pole structures which are built higher in the air. The main function of cell towers is to facilitate communication between two cell phones. These cell towers are generally known as base stations or cell sites. They are made from computerized equipment, radios and antennas which help in transmitting signals.

The cell towers are located at higher ends which allow them to cover large areas. Nowadays, you will find different cell towers in the world which are built by different service providers. The recent technology used in building a single cell tower allows it to host more than one mobile operator. This means that now cell towers can also support technologies like CDMA and GSM. Thus, cell towers play a very important role in the world of communication.

Technology used in cell towers

The technology of cell towers is also known as radio technology which helps in picking up signals within a particular radius. After sensing the signals, they pass them off to other cell towers with the help of radio waves. This radio technology helps in linking two cell phones. The voice data is encoded by the radio waves and then it is passed between the two cell towers.

If your mobile phone is not in the range of the cell towers then it will automatically switch to the signal of the nearby cell towers. This feature allows the users to talk with their loved ones and friends without any interruptions. At present, all the network providers use the same technology of cell towers which allow their users to talk to anyone in the world.

Due to development in the technology, digitized voice data is used for communication. This data can easily send or receive data from one cell tower to another on multiple radio frequencies. Thus, now it is possible to talk to people who are located in different parts of the world within seconds with advanced cell towers.