What Factors Affect The Cost of Car Insurance In Lynnwood

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Insurance


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In Washington, auto insurance premiums depend on many factors. Among these factors are mileage, vehicle value, the driver’s age, and the driving history. These factors could increase or decrease these premiums. Additionally, the vehicle owner could reduce these costs by choosing a higher deductible. Local carriers help these vehicle owners to make choices about Car Insurance in Lynnwood and potential premiums.

The Distance to Work

The total mileage the vehicle owner drivers per day affects their premium values. Essentially, their total commute indicates the risks associated driving to and from work. Roadways that have high volumes of traffic during this commute could affect these expenses. Drivers who have shorter commute pay less for auto insurance.

The Value of the Car

The market value of the car affects the insurance premiums. Newer vehicles present higher expenses. Additionally, owners who have auto loans must maintain full coverage. This is the highest coverage available, and it is also the most expensive. The total value of the car determines the risk of depreciation if an accident occurs.

The Driver’s Age

Drivers who are under twenty-five pay the highest insurance premiums. Drivers in this age group have less experience behind the wheel. It is also in this age group that accidents are more likely.
Seniors who are older than fifty pay the lowest insurance premiums. All other drivers receive premium assignments based on risks alone. The insurance agents help these drivers by conducting a risk assessment. Drivers who take measures to reduce their risks could decrease their insurance premiums.

The Driving History

Most moving violations remain on the driving record for a period of up to five years. However, moving violations such as DUI are severe criminal offenses. Drivers who receive criminal convictions are subject to hazardous driver classifications.

In Washington, drivers pay auto insurance premiums based on many factors. These factors reflect the risks of an accident and property damage. A risk assessment identifies all liabilities associated with the operation of the vehicle. This includes how the owner uses the vehicle. Auto owners who need to purchase Car Insurance Lynnwood can click here for further information.

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