CNC Machine Services: A Checklist

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Business


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What qualities do you look for when you first try to book machine services? Here’s a short checklist of noteworthy ones you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for:


One of the most important qualities to note about machine services is precision. Be off by even a fraction of an inch and you’ve got mismatched parts on your hands. That’s why it pays to do thorough research first. Finding a machine shop isn’t enough. Instead, it’s all about finding CNC machine services. With CNC, the level of automation raises the level of precision that goes into every project.

That’s the goal of machine shops like JBC Machine Inc. The company wants to make sure every level of the business shows their team’s attention to detail, that it demonstrates their absolute insistence on innovation—on making things better—to show customers all the world over what they stand for: quality.

With that kind of message, it’s easy for customers to get on board with the company. That and because they offer CNC machine services instead of manual.


CNC Machine services usually include threading, milling, boring, drilling and engineering of OEM parts. While precision is important, flexibility also matters. This is especially true if you want your parts reverse engineered. Perhaps you’ve got a broken machine part, but designing one that only duplicates the old model isn’t what you had in mind. You want a modified version, better design, one that takes the functionality of that part to new levels. That’s only possible if you work with a machine shop that allows for that level of flexibility. Companies like JBC Machine Inc. are known for the high level of custom work that goes into most of their projects.


While there are plenty of machine shops out there, not all of them have the kind of tools or skill set to build your project from the ground up. That’s why, before you sign up for the services of a machine shop, make sure yours has the equipment, software and tools needed to handle your project requirements and requests. Are they updated on the latest technology and tools? Do they work with the imaging software that’s right for your project? If not, start looking elsewhere.

Your Checklist

With the right team and tools, meeting your machine needs is easy, quick and efficient. Don’t settle for substandard services when you can have exceptional.