A Recumbent Bike Brand That Stands out from the Rest

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Business


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Buying a recumbent bike can be overwhelming as there are many brands and models to choose from. Every brand offers different prices with different manufacturing processes but one brand makes their bike totally different. Tw- Bents is a brand of recumbent bikes that is designed and owned by riders. They manufacture their bikes from Taiwan. The parts and materials they use for their recumbent bikes have greatly increased in quality but the affordable prices remains the same.

A Curved Frame as Opposed to Straight

Most notably, Tw- Bents known for their curved frame implemented in the bike’s structure. This curved design is not only attractive but it’s efficient. The idea behind this engineered frame is that when compared to a straight tube, the curved tube absorbs more impact from the road. Mainly, it’s more flexible allowing the curved tube to bounce that force away from the bike at a more prolonged rate.

An Efficient yet Comfortable Seat

Mesh seats aren’t really the norm when it comes to manufacturing recumbent bikes. It is a difficult feature to add to the seat, when most brands would rather choose fiber. Mainly because it’s hard to find mesh material that doesn’t stretch when large amount of pressure are applied to it, it has to be a specific ultraviolet resistant fiber. The difference about this brand is they ride these bikes, they sweat and know how important ventilation is. They’ve also researched that when a rider applies a large amount of pressure to the seat, the force is greatly reduced to the back area when it is mesh material. The seat is also highly adjustable, offering many angles for the rider to get completely comfortable.

The brand is all about the rider, they want to offer awesome features that keep the rider going. When the rider is done, the only thing required of them is to pop two quick release buttons with a couple movement and the bike easily folds up and can fit in most vehicles.