What to Know About CCTV Camera Installation in New Jersey

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Communications


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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security refers to a system of security cameras that installed in public or private spaces. Even if the cameras are in public areas, the footage accumulated from the cameras is not available for public use. Therefore, CCTV camera installation in New Jersey does not violate state or federal privacy laws. CCTV protects your company from external and internal threats, and likewise, protects your employees.

The cameras used in CCTV can be monitored in real time, which could be useful if you are a larger firm with a dedicated security staff. Alternatively, CCTV footage is recorded and can be reviewed again later if there was an incident or reports of suspicious behavior. The cameras are placed in strategic areas, which are chosen by professionals expert in how to assess risk and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your CCTV system.

When working with a company like Straight Line Communications, you can also inquire about the potential to expand an existing or underused CCTV system or learn how to integrate CCTV into an overall business security strategy. The CCTV camera installation process does not take a long time, and although you might want to upgrade it, rarely requires any maintenance. Often, the presence of CCTV cameras is sufficient to deter malicious behavior in New Jersey. Businesses often opt for CCTV camera installation specifically because it helps quickly identify suspicious behaviors while also preventing wrongful accusations.

CCTV camera installation will include the ability to opt for advanced surveillance systems such as cameras that can be manipulated remotely to reveal different angles of the same area. Your CCTV camera installation will become a worthwhile investment that protects your New Jersey company from internal and external threats without compromising the privacy of your employees or clients.