Online Aluminum Plate Suppliers: What You Need To Know Before Ordering

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier


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Ordering online is a simple way for project managers and coordinators to get the material they need without spending hours and hours on the phone. However, choosing the right aluminum plate suppliers is critical to ensure you have the selection, added services and quality plate you need.

The first online order with any of the aluminum plate suppliers is always the big test. When the experience is positive, your produce arrives as ordered and you receive top customer service and support, you have definitely found a company to continue to do business with.

Ideally, when choosing aluminum plate suppliers, focus in on a business specifically handling aluminum products. This ensures you are working with people with experience, expertise, and product knowledge. It is also well worth the time to learn how long the company has been in business as this is a good indicator of the professionalism and attention to detail you can expect with your order.

Inventory on Hand

The top aluminum plate suppliers will have a good range of plate, flat bar, round bar and aluminum cast tool and jig plate stock on hand. They will have their website organized so it is easy to navigate and find just what you are looking for. This will include wrought plate, cast plate and mold plate.

The best companies and aluminum plate suppliers will also be able to complete special orders for customers as needed. This information, including the lead time required by the mill, should be clearly indicated when you place the order.

Brands and Lines

The top aluminum companies will carry a range of different aluminum plate and bar manufacturers. These will typically include Sapa Extrusions, with their line of Acc-u-bar, Acc-u-plate, Accu-u-rod and Acc-u-hex previously marketed as the Econo lines.

In addition look for manufacturers including Alcoa, Kaiser Aluminum, Alpase Aluminum and PCP Aluminum. These brands will have a variety of different lines which may be available through the mill or directly through the supplier based on the inventory on hand.

Services Provided

In addition, the actual product, many of the top aluminum plate suppliers have several additional or value-added services which will help to save you time and money.

Service such as precision sawing to the tightest tolerances is always a big plus to15222. aluminum plate suppliers consider. This ensures every piece of plate or bar you buy arrives cut to the specifications you require with every order you place.

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