Never Miss Out on Contacts Again with a Free Shared Online Calendar

logoAs professionals in any field, it is extremely important that you meet, know, and have the contact information for those key individuals you come across in meetings and day-to-day interactions. How often have you participated in a meeting or event and couldn’t get the contact information from someone important to promote your success because of the following:

1) You or the other person you were trying to get contact information from were in a hurry or had another engagement.

2) You or the other person you were trying to get contact information from ran out of business cards.

3) You or the other person didn’t have a professionally designed business card to disseminate amongst the group.

We’re all busy and have several moving targets to hit throughout the day. Let’s say you do meet the objective of obtaining the contact information you’ve been longing for. Now, you have to add it to your calendar. To stay on track, many of us use online calendars to ensure tasks are completed on time, meetings are attended, and contact information for important people is stored for later use. Many companies like Google offers a free shared online calendar for your convenience.

A company called Peg has established a way for you to effortlessly share and save contact information via your free shared online calendar. To get started, go to The company’s website has tutorials on how to share your information with your Google calendar. You have the option of sending out your personal contact information, business contact information, or both. If you or your organization hosts a meeting or event, Peg allows you to send your contact information to all attendees via email. At the same time, Peg gives you the opportunity to ask those in attendance for their contact information.

Well, what about privacy issues? The chief executive officer of Peg, Jason Cohen, takes privacy issues very seriously. Cohen said, “We’re focused on making it easy to save and safely share contact information. You choose who you share your contact information with. We do not sell or rent you or your contacts’ contact information.”