Importance of Having Teardrop Flags for Your Business

Brick and mortar businesses have to meet many demands and challenges. Some require a location ideal for foot traffic, while others must be situated in an area that is convenient for those in cars or who must make their way through traffic to reach the shop. This means signage is important. Yet, what if you need affordable, flexible and customizable signage? That is the time for banners and flags, and teardrop flags are a trendy and appealing innovation.

What Are They?

As their name implies, teardrop flags are shaped like a teardrop or a pear. They are usually displayed “upside down” with the broader area at the top of the flag. This is extremely useful for creating visually strong flags as that top portion can feature a logo or other graphic. They can be found in many different sizes, with most being mounted to a sturdy base.

Why They Work

Because they have an unusual shape, teardrop flags are particularly eye catching and they do not move about in the wind like a standard flag. Even though feather flags are a popular choice for store fronts and trade shows, the tear shaped options are gaining more ground because of their stability and more fixed appearance. They are also still unique enough to be considered a bit of a statement. Rather than a standard flag, you can offer viewers your “pitch” or promotional language on this unique form.

They Can Be Easily Customized

The tear drop shape is an ideal one for any number of marketing messages and logos. They are available in a staggering range of sizes and colors, and they are currently some of the most affordable ways of attracting attention, creating innovative signage, or drawing an audience to your storefront or display.

Get Started With Flags Today

At New York Banner Stands, you will find an impressive range of flags, including those in the increasingly popular feather and teardrop shapes. We can work with you to customize the design, colors and style and set you up with a base that keeps your flags firmly in place and attracting all of the attention your location requires. You can start the design process today by phoning us at (212) 300-3892/(800) 516-7606 or dropping us a message. You can also visit us online to see our many different products, including banners, signs and flags.