Dating Professionals – Here is a Way to Avoid the Dating Rollercoaster

Dating is a serious task that requires time, commitment, and dedication – much like your day job. And, similar to work, dating can also be a rollercoaster with its ups, downs, risks, benefits, rewards, etcetera. This makes it draining and sometimes makes you question whether it’s worth it. But don’t second-guess yourself on that yet. Dating doesn’t have to be such a wild ride if you don’t have the energy for it anymore.
Dating a professional is one way to get through the dating process easily and smoothly. What are the pros and cons behind it, and how does one go about dating fellow professionals?

  1. Dating Coworkers

A common way to date a professional is looking in your immediate environment. Some of your coworkers may have the same interests as you, or you might just want to have a cup of coffee with someone you’re interested in in the same workspace. Either way, this is a safe and easy way to meet someone whose attitude you’re assured of already.

2. Dating through Common Connections

Another way to meet a fellow professional without making any big waves is by dating through friends, or common connections. Your networks are an untapped potential that doesn’t necessarily have to be all about work. Finding the perfect match could start in your closest networks, too.

3. Bring up common interests

Once you’re already in the dating scene, bringing up common interests with your date is a sure way to level off the playing field. You might find your soulmate by talking about even the most mundane things that they might also like. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there once you’ve both set a good venue and time to meet up and go out.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk about work

It might sound a bit boring, but work is a subset of common interests that you’ll find useful. A fellow professional might be interested in your line of work, and you could understand each other on a deeper level once you talk about your commitments and plans for the future.