Cisco VoIP Phone Systems – Reliable and Highly Advanced Communication Technology

VoIP phone services are the order of the present commercial and corporate world because of the numerous benefits they provide. Besides aiding significant cost savings on communications, this service also provides better call efficiency since there are a negligible number of dropped calls, and voice clarity over long distance calls is much higher. There are many providers who offer this service. However, the most reliable provider is Cisco and all the providers who are certified by Cisco. A certification by Cisco is taken as an indicator of the efficiency of a provider. Furthermore, Cisco provides certification in several stages such as associate level certifications, professional level certifications and advanced certifications.

Why VoIP phone systems?

Small and medium businesses are the highest gainers with VoIP systems. Cisco VoIP phone systems enhance the productivity of the company by aiding better communications among the employees in the organization as well as provide better customer service. Operational costs are a major hurdle for small and medium businesses who usually work on a limited budget. With VoIP services, this hurdle can be easily bypassed. Besides, every VoIP phone system can be customized to suit the precise requirements of a company. With Cisco phone systems, the benefits which you can enjoy are much enhanced. Below given are the various functions which are possible with these efficient phone systems.

  1. Seamless integration of data, video and voice calls
  2. Higher security for communication channels
  3. No hidden fees for the numerous features which are available
  4. Better connectivity among employees
  5. Increased mobility since calls can be routed and accessed through any phone
  6. Multiple functions such as intercom, paging, voicemail, automated answering and many more, thereby lending greater flexibility in communication
  7. Ability to link VoIP phone systems to different CRM software
  8. Special operations such as Cisco Unified Video Phones which converts voice calls to video calls

Besides these advantages and features, you can also use these phone systems to handle multiple incoming calls, even for multiple companies, and establish voice and video conferencing seamlessly all through the same Cisco phone system. Another attractive feature included with the system is the ability to receive voicemails directly into your email inbox with an audio file attachment. Furthermore Cisco phone systems extend features into mobile phones like the Apple iPhone and Android devices. The system also has features such as Contact Center, ICD and IVR scripting capabilities with intelligent call queuing for various departments.

The Cisco advantage

Cisco phone services can be utilized by any kind of business, be it from the manufacturing sector or from the service sector. Customer service is key, when it comes to getting superior service and support 24×7. By using efficient communication systems which provide multi-dimensional conduits to communicate with your customers, there can be a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction levels and a reduction in your overall business expenses.

The greatest factor in favor of Cisco phone systems is reliability. When you equip your business with these systems, you can be assured about efficiency and higher productivity.

Perivue Networks is certified by Cisco in Advanced Unified Communications Specialization. The skilled workforce of the company can help set up Cisco phone systems for your business and simplify your communication management requirements. For more details about the Cisco phone systems, visit.Save